Pricing Plans



1 Bedroom

1 Bathroom

1 Kitchen

1 Common area​

open terrace​



2 Bedroom

2 Bathroom

1 Kitchen

1 Common area

open terrace​



3 Bedroom

3 Bathroom

1 Kitchen

1 Common area​

open terrace



4 Bedroom

4 Bathroom

1 Kitchen

1 Common area​

open terrace

Sr.No Property Type Rate-Furnished Rate-UnFurnished Wet Wall Mopping Sofa Shampoo Bathroom Cleaning Modular Kitchen Matress Shampoo
1 1BHK Flat (Up to 600 Sq. Ft.) Rs. 2999/- Rs. 2499/- Rs. 1000/- Rs. 199/Seat Rs. 699/1 Bathroom Rs. 1499/- Single Bed Double Bed
2 2BHK Flat (Up to 900 Sq. Ft.) Rs. 4499/- Rs. 3999/- Rs. 1500/- Rs. 199/Seat Rs. 1199/2Bathroom Rs. 1499/- Rs. 350/- Rs. 650/-
3 3BHK Flat (Up to 1500 Sq. Ft.) Rs. 5499/- Rs. 4999/- Rs. 2000/- Rs. 199/Seat Rs. 1999/3 Bhathroom Rs. 1499/- Rs. 350/- Rs. 650/-
4 4BHK Flat (Up to 2000 Sq. Ft.) Rs. 6999/- Rs. 6499/- Rs. 2500/- Rs. 199/Seat Rs. 2499/4 Bhathroom Rs. 1499/- Rs. 350/- Rs. 650/-
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Deep Cleaning using Professional Grade Cleaning Solutions, Cleaning Equipment and vacuum cleaner with Floor scrubber/Hand Scrubber machine by Professional cleaning staff.

(1)   Living Room, Dining Room, and Bedroom Cleaning.

  • Deep cleaning of floor , window, Channel of Sliding , Removal of Cobwebs ,grill, furniture, and light fittings 

(2)   Bathroom Deep Cleaning.

  • Deep cleaning of floor, WC seat, sink, fittings and wall, Removal of cobwebs, light fittings.

(3)   Kitchen Deep Cleaning

  • Deep cleaning of External Surfaces, Cabinet and appliance. Removal of Cobwebs, External and oil, grease and trolley.

(4)   Balcony Deep Cleaning.

  • Deep Cleaning of floor, grill work, Removal of cobwebs, windows and light fittings.

(5)   Sofa and furnishing Cleaning.

  • 5 Seated Sofa Vacuuming, Dry vacuum cleaning of carpet, and chairs, curtains.

(6)   Other Area

  • Cleaning of door, cupboard, handles and wardrobe External.
  • Team of 4 Professional Cleaners with onsite Supervisor.
  • Deep Cleaning Duration: 5-6 Hours.


  • Complete Deep Cleaning of kitchen covering hard to reach Area.
  • Removes tough oil & grease stains to give your kitchen a new look
  • Exclusion: Chimney Removing utensils form cabinets.
  • Removes tough stains present in modular trolleys & shelves.
  • Must buy for kitchen with regular cooking to remove oil stains.


  • Deep Cleaning of bathroom floor and wall tiles.
  • Disinfection and cleaning of wc and washbasin.
  • Cleaning of all bathroom fittings, Exhaust fan and Geyser.
  • Cleaning of mirrors, windows, and doors.


  • Dry Vacuuming and Shampooing using Professional grade cleaning Solutions.
  • Cleaned sofa will take 5-6 hours to Dry

Our Cleaning Equipments

R-1 Bathroom Cleaning Solutions.Steel ScrubberMicrofiber Duster Red
R-2 Floor/Dusting cleaning Solutions.Soft broomYellow Duster
R-3 Glass Cleaning Solutions.Floor WiperPantry Duster
D-1 Kitchen Cleaning Solutions.Yellow maskScorch Bite
R-4 Future Dusting Solutions.Wet mop SetNylon Scrubber
TR-01 Carpet/Sofa Shampoo Solutions.Feather BrushOrange Hand Glows
R-6 Toilet Bowel Cleaning Solutions.Garbage bag big (40/42)Washroom Caddy
Microfiber Duster BlueKitchen WiperTaski spry bottle
Toilet brush roundGlass Cleaning full setR-6 squeezy bottle

Terms & Conditions

  1.  All clients need to ensure that they will keep their valuables in the vaults/ cupboards. All the small jewellery should be kept inside the lockers since they may go in scrap or garbage due to vacuuming. Shine Xperts Services. Does not take any responsibility of such complaints or missing items.
  2.  Clients also need to ensure that they have done the security check of all the people who have come for cleaning, no complaints will be entertained and Shine Xperts Services. holds no responsibility for any missing thing or valuables from the house.
  3.  On Check out Time clients Needs to make a Round and immediate inform us if any work left or panding.same time we will close the points.
  4.  Once the client have booked the service with Shine Xperts Services. ,by default the above rules are applicable and it is understood that the client have read and agreed to the terms and conditions and accordingly booked the service.


1.clinet Needs to Provide free access to the property. Without any interruption.

2.clinet Needs to Provide free electricity and water.

3.clinet needs to release the payment(online/Cash) immediately after the Service.

4.ladder Should be Arranged by clinet.if case of unavailability of should be informed during the time of Booking.